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Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Project

GPP Commissioning Plan, TOPs and ITPs

Commissioning Sequence Flow Diagram

The Project

Prepare a commissioning manual, turn over package (TOP) checklists and inspection and test plans (ITP) for a generic geothermal power plant

The generic plant was based on a geothermal steam turbine with a steam terminal point at the main steam isolation valve upstream of a scrubber, and electrical terminal point at the HV terminals of the step-up transformer. A conventional direct contact condenser with hybrid gas ejector system and mechanical draft cooling tower was used.

Our Role

The commissioning documents covered the following key aspects:

  • Organisation, setting out the team member responsibilities
  • Commissioning Management, Communication and Safety
  • Lock out Tag out (LOTO) and Permit to Work (PTW) systems
  • Commissioning Methodology, including preparation for commissioning and the commissioning process
  • Construction Turnover including flow chart of turnover, LOTO, PTW and commissioning processes
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures including sequence diagram
  • Punch Lists

The TOP checklists and ITPs were prepared for major items of plant including turbine generator, condenser, gas removal, cooling tower, hot well and auxiliary cooling water pumps and control valves.


Our client received a set of documents as a resource to understand the particular requirements for inspection and testing, construction turnover and commissioning of standard steam turbine based geothermal power plants.


mechanical engineering, electrical engineering

project planning and project management, commissioning and start-up

conceptual engineering, construction, commissioning and operation

oversight, commissioning supervision and inspection, project management and controls

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