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Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Station

Karaha Commissioning and Field Engineering

Karaha 32MW Geothermal Power Station

The Project

The project consisted of a 32MW single flow, axial exhaust, condensing power plant provided with geothermal steam from a single flash Fluid Collection and Reinjection System (FCRS).  The separated brine was directly reinjected at separation conditions using high speed hot brine reinjection pumps with an API Plan 23 seal system.

Our Role

Thorndon Cook provided the services of a FCRS Commissioning Engineer to Hawkins-BCK (the FCRS and BOP EPC subcontractor) and also subsequently Commissioning Manager for the Power Plant and FCRS to GE (the head EPC contractor) for the 32MW Karaha Geothermal project.

Thorndon Cook also prepared the Commissioning Procedures and Operation Manuals for the FCRS and delivered the FCRS operator training in Jakarta.

The following field engineering services were also provided during the course of completing the project:

  • Design of temporary pond pump reinjection.
  • Design of temporary steam blow silencers.
  • Detailing setpoints and logic for alarm and control on the DCS I/O list.
  • Completion of design for brine pump seal water system.
  • Separation of 150# and 600# drains to the AFTs.
  • Realignment of TLG3 – KRH6 two phase line.
  • Recirculation lines for brine booster pumps.
  • Raising of KRH6 pond pump platform by 2.8m.
  • Matching interconnection of pipe designs between different designers.
  • Design of a direct reinjection system to well KRH6-1.
  • Process model of full steam and brine system to enable re-design to accommodate significantly increased brine flow.
  • Reinjection to wells KRH5-3 and KRH4-3.
  • Re-engineering of jammed EDV’s.
  • Modelling of two phase pressure drop and silica saturation for wells TLG3-1&2.
  • Rectification of failed mechanical seals on brine booster pumps.
  • FCRS as-built drawings.


The power plant achieved completion of its Unit Rated Capacity Test in December 2017.

Substantial re-engineering was required to accommodate steam and brine flows that were significantly different to the specified design parameters.

A number of innovative engineering solutions were applied to maintain progress to first synchronisation in the face of delayed completion of some areas of construction.


process design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control and instrumentation, project/program management

commissioning and start-up, troubleshooting/root cause analysis

performance testing

automation and instrumentation, construction, commissioning and operation

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