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Ngatamariki Mix Plant Design

Ngatamariki Mix Plant Model

The Project

The project consisted of receiving, cooling and storing geothermal condensate from the Ngatamariki ORC plant, and accepting and storing truck delivered antiscalant Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) ready for mixing. The project included facilities for loading IBCs and transferring antiscalant to an intermediate storage tank. The condensate and antiscalant are continuously mixed via dosing pumps designed to maintain set point mix ratio while simultaneously matching dilute antiscalant demand via pressure control with accumulator compensation.

The plant was designed where practical to comply with requirements for future potentially hazardous antiscalant chemicals, particularly in relation to the bunding and drainage arrangements.

The complete project scope included system PID, layout design, roadway modifications, concrete pads and bunds, road crossing, drainage, condensate piping and mixing system pumps, instrumentation, fencing, lighting, power distribution and field control panel and integration with central plant controls.

Our Role

Thorndon Cook provided the complete multidiscipline detail design and drawings, utilising Opus International as a subcontractor for civil and structural design.

Thorndon Cook also facilitated and contributed to the Hazop at site.


The resulting design provided a well laid out, accessible and easy to operate remote controlled facility (except for IBC loading and transfer to antiscalant storage tank). Local operator controls and indications were provided in addition to remote monitoring. The final deliverable consisted of a set of drawings, construction specifications, MRP standard specifications with tables, schedules and data sheets that comprised the technical design and documents for MRP’s request for supply and installation tenders.


process design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil and structural engineering, control and instrumentation, project/program management

detailed design

automation and instrumentation

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