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Te Mihi Geothermal Power Station

Rainbow Power Project

Rainbow Power Project

The Project

Rainbow Holdings (RH) has purchased the geothermal site nearby Poihipi power station and the Wairakei geothermal field in Taupo, New Zealand. One 2,031-metre well was completed in 2006 and some other production infrastructure is in place. RH is aiming to have a 60 MW geothermal plant operating in 2016. The development proposal would involve the drilling of a number of further production wells and reinjection wells.

Some works of project plan, development strategy and financial review has been previously undertaken by Glucina & Associates regarding the previous Geotherm Power Project (which was to be developed by McLachlan) and the recent reports for RH.

RH engaged MB Century to perform a well test on the existing well in early October 2013 to understand this steamfield current conditions prior to commencing the project development.

The members of Thorndon Cook Power were engaged as the developer’s engineer to assist RH by providing well test management and supervision, assessment of the well test results, and recommendations based on this assessment and the well history.

Thorndon Cook Power staff were also requested to provide review of the previous works undertaken by Glucina & Associates, and finally provide the recommendations of this project development.

Our Role

Members of Thorndon Cook Power staff were engaged as the developer’s engineer to perform the work for RH which includes:

  • Review of well test plan
  • Working closely with contractors on behalf of RH
  • Site monitoring of well test preparation
  • Participation and supervision of well test
  • Well test assessment and recommendations
  • Review of the current situation of this project
  • Review of the previous works undertaken by Glucina & Associates
  • Recommendations of this project development


RH gets a clear understanding of the existing well and the steamfield conditions, and the project development situation from the works performed by Thorndon Cook Power staff. RH gratefully accepts the recommendations and makes a reasonable decision on this thermal project development.


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