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Phu My 2.2
Phu My 2.2


Thorndon Cook Power staff have been providing planning, environment and infrastructure services to the power generation sector for more than 30 years. Thorndon Cook Power’s capability in energy generation services provides clients with proven commercial outcomes.

Thorndon Cook Power brings experience built on a wide variety of professional roles and knowledge of fossil fuel generation technologies. We provide professional services for energy generation projects, including project development, design and construction engineering, and maintenance and operation responsibilities.

The Thorndon Cook Power team is experienced in developing thermal power with various clients and responding to their own unique set of needs and challenges.

For thermal generation, Thorndon Cook has a specific focus on power plant which use gas turbines as the prime mover. Experience spans power ranges from just a few MW up to the largest gas turbines in the world and includes both industrial and aero derivative models. Thorndon Cook has particular experience relating to non-standard applications of gas turbines such as ultra low-btu. Thorndon Cook Power can provide end-to-end services to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards.

In addition to our general services Thorndon Cook Power provides the following services that are specific to thermal power generation.

Our team has been involved in the following key projects:

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