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About Us


About Us

We are a New Zealand based consultancy company providing the full range of engineering services to clients in the power and energy industry worldwide. In the Power marketplace we trade as Thorndon Cook Power.

Our Organisation

The Thorndon Cook Power organisation consists of 8 full time professional engineers, combining to form a strong multidisciplinary team with many years’ experience and an established reputation for high quality work.

In addition, we also maintain a close network of experienced Associate staff which enables us to rapidly constitute larger teams as required for specific projects.

Our Purpose

Our knowledge will be used to sustainably harness energy technology to improve the lives of people globally.

We are not alone in this purpose. We will work with clients, partners and competitors who are working to achieve similar goals.

Our Vision

We will design and manage projects that deliver for their owners and customers.

We will utilise our deep understanding of technology and how it integrates with the commercial and natural environment to ensure that our projects keep on delivering for their customers and owners.

While much of what we do is at the detail level, we understand the wider context of society, economy, finance and people to ensure that we are doing the right things.

We are in a period of disruptive change as the internet, information technology and new technologies continually develop to a point where old assumptions may no longer be valid. These changes are affecting the structure of economies, nature of work, availability of capital and risks to be faced.

We will work with our clients to navigate these complexities.

Our Brand

Thorndon Cook consists of experienced, capable engineers who can operate effectively at any scale. Together we form a strong agile team with an established reputation for high quality work and successful delivery.

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