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Ethics and Values

Ethics and Values
Ethics and Values

Ethics and Values

Our organization is committed to the highest standards of honesty, respect, integrity, and transparency. In support of this commitment, Thorndon Cook has developed a Code of Conduct which provides guidance and instruction to all stakeholders on personal and business integrity, working relationship, sustainability, company property, resources, and information management. The company insists on integrity in all aspects of its business and from those with whom it conducts business.

Our Code of Conduct

Quite rightly, the scrutiny to which companies are subjected is increasing and the standards expected of us are rising. As well as complying with all laws and regulations wherever we operate, and with our own standards, which can be stricter, we must apply our principles and values.

Usually, what is wrong and what is right seems obvious, but providing explicit guidance where possible is an important safeguard against mistakes and their consequences. Our Code of Conduct gives us all a clear framework within which to make decisions. By applying good judgement to the principles set out here, guided by the values that underpin them, we ensure that everybody plays their part in upholding our principles.

10 commitments we make to each other

In all aspects of our business dealings we:

  1. Value integrity, teamwork, excellence and respect.
  2. Are honest and transparent.
  3. Support diversity and treat everyone equally.
  4. Select and reward people and organisations based on a fair objective process, clear expectations of what is required and demonstrated competence for the job.
  5. Regularly, fairly and openly evaluate our own performance and the performance of others.
  6. Meet our obligations of responsibility and trust.
  7. Keep our promises and fulfil the commitments we make openly, honestly and promptly.
  8. Work to resolve disputes at the earliest stage and in a manner consistent with this code.
  9. Communicate truthfully, clearly, regularly and punctually.
  10. Go the extra mile to deliver.
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