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Our services and Capabilies

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Te Mihi 3D Model

Our services and capabilities

Thorndon Cook Power is a trusted adviser to our clients in the power and water industry both in the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world. We have developed a deep understanding of the specific requirements of each client because:

  • our team has worked with many of the major utilities, generators, contractors, developers and government bodies
  • our generation and renewable energy professionals have been involved with a wide range of the power projects in the Asia, Australia–Pacific region
  • our team has experience in all parts of the sector, including with manufacturers; engineering, procurement and construction contractors; financial institutions; public and private utilities; and project developers.

We provide services across multiple disciplines:

We are able to undertake a wide variety of roles within projects including:

Project development

A project’s ultimate success is built on the foundations created in the development phase. We supply comprehensive project development services, applying knowledge and skills from all facets of our business. Thorndon Cook Power’s early stage project development focuses on identification and quantification of critical issues impacting the project’s viability and bankability.

Our power plant development services span pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, financial and economic analyses, site-specific energy analysis, site selection and development, fuel sources and resources, demand forecast and management, transmission network integration analysis and studies in addition to environmental permitting and licensing.

Thorndon Cook Power staff also have many years industry knowledge of fuel pricing and sourcing, contracting, tariff assessment and power purchasing, energy sector forecasting, and statutory regulatory requirements.


Our design phase advice focuses on selecting a robust design solution to realise project bankability, while providing the best compromises between technical performance, constructability, equipment delivery lead times, ease of installation and staged commissioning of a new power plant.

Thorndon Cook Power’s engineering, technical and drafting resources encompass:

Technical advice for financial institutions and owners

Thorndon Cook Power takes on a variety of different roles to assist owners and financial institutions. As Owner’s Engineer, Lender’s Engineer or Due Diligence Adviser, Thorndon Cook Power makes investment, commercial and technical recommendations that maximise value for our clients.

Thorndon Cook Power can identify risks so our clients can better understand and mitigate them. Thorndon Cook Power has solid exposure to different financing mechanisms, for power plants and associated equipment.

The breadth of expertise found in our network of local offices means our advice is up-to-date and in line with current industry practices. Thorndon Cook Power can also provide independent advice about:

Our investment services staff can also add value by advising on the commercial and economic aspects of projects and provide, where required, specialist technical and project management resources in a single integrated package.

Project and construction implementation

Thorndon Cook Power has a specialist project management capability that provides a tailored response to the size and complexity of any given project and is backed by our corporate commitment to proven quality management procedures. This means our clients can expect their plant for a power generation project will be delivered on time and within budget while maintaining the highest quality, safety, and environmental standards.

Thorndon Cook Power’s project and construction management capabilities aggregate our experience, resources and expertise in planning, engineering and management. Our specialists are skilled in procurement, scheduling and construction management and supervision, project controls, field engineering, and commissioning. We can:

  • develop operations and maintenance manuals, and deliver operator training
  • analyse operations and provide solutions
  • manage the retrofit of old technology and assist with repowering the facility
  • manage project costs, progress and schedules through all phases
  • manage the complex interrelations of multidisciplinary design projects
  • provide full engineering, procurement and construction management services from project inception to operation.
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